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Feel free to contact me regarding work, cooperations, publications, or buying any of my photos.       Tel: +46723949559

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Let me tell your story.

Jonatan is a Stockholm based photographer and artist.
A colorful person with a grey point of view,

An observer who likes to interact. 

- Telling your story is his passion.


2nd place in the international Macallan Masters of Photography 2012 Annie Leibovitz edition

Selected clients:

DOCH: Stockholm University of Dance and Circus (Sweden),

Hyper Island (Sweden), Mirjam Charas Violin Academy (Sweden),

Judisk Krönika (Sweden), Klubb Krut (Sweden), Itamar Glucksman

(circus artist), Realisera (Sweden), Ron Beeri (circus artist),

IGTO: Israel Government Tourist Office (Israel), Lazuz Company (France/Sweden), OLDBOY (Sweden), Paideia: The European Institute for Jewish studies (Sweden), Stage Aid (Sweden), Jonathan Bondesson (Flamenco musician), Karin Melin (circus artist), Elsa Näslund (circus artist), The Jewish Museum (Stockholm), HIT: Holon institute of technology (Israel)

Publications, Magazines & Press:

Dagens Nyheter (Sweden), Helsingin Sanomat (Finland),

Renontre Des Jonglages (France), Subtopia Magasin (Sweden), 

Judisk Krönika (Sweden), Cirko (Finland), Dans i Stockholms stad och län (Sweden), Edrington (Sweden) The masters of photography, Cirkus Cirkör (Sweden), SVT (sweden), Jewish Museum (Stockholm) 



Group exhibition in HIT (70 years to Israel) titled "Israeli Chutzpah".
January 2018 
Solo exhibition in Bajit stockholm titled "Jewish pride".
From 01 December 2017 and still runing 

Solo exhibition in Bajit stockholm titled "contemporary circus".
From 15 May to 10 August 2017 
Solo exhibition in Subtopia Stockholm titled "contemporary circus".  
From 24 Jan to 06 March 2017.

Group exhibition in Stockholms  Kulturhuset "Fria fotografers filial".
From 25 to Nov 2016 - 31 Jan 2017.
Solo exhibition in Reggev Hummus, Stockholm titled "Calm and Stormy".
From Sep 2013 to March 2014
Group exhibition in Martelas Showroom, "The lost world". 
May 2012  

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